The mountain atmosphere is imprinted on us

Master Makers at work, mixing technology and handmade techniques

How do you go from a remarkable idea to a magnificent product?

The extraordinary mix technological and artisanal

The original trademark construction syntax

The iconic interpretation of a retro-mountain look

M100 - Trench Goggles

HAPTERÌA, the new workshop


Mountains, a perpetual source of inspiration. Inspired by an old pair of glacier military goggles discovered within the local Dolomite Mountains. Interpreting the mindset we have when we approach our mountains, we replicate the sensorial connection between the visual and the material. Video | The Origin

collection txtl001

Sensorial craftship and industrial appeal. Aesthetically refined and intimately appealing, marked by a trademark tactile expressiveness thanks to the special fusion of industrial-grade steel to cotton fabrics by Lanificio Cerruti 1881. Fabrics inspired by their 1920s and 1940s military archives.


Makers, not designers. It’s all about confidence on unexplored paths. Experimental crafting methods, fusion of contemporary know-how and the traditional sensitivity of what is handmade. Combining industrial and artisanal materials, achieving a product of both sensorial craftship and industrial appeal. Video | Uncovered

“We’ve developed a concept of contemporary eyewear that interprets the mindset we approach our mountains with, replicating the sensorial connection between the visual and the material”



ALPHABET A heap of small rusty logos, waiting for their turn to be soldered on #HAPTER new displays.

PAST MEETS PRESENT Gardeners in action today, getting our workshop ready for the warm season.

ON DISPLAY #HAPTER on display at @linstantlunette concept store in Lyon. Marionette hand holding a brand..