Buried by time and snow, in 2009 a pair of glacier military goggles
from the Second World War were found on a summit of the Dolomite mountains…

The soft goggles still reverberate the relief the soldier must have felt grasping them on the mountain under such extreme conditions.


The recovered goggles inspired two local friends who share a passion for eyewear and design to start out on a research mission to recover the essence of eyewear.

Their dream was to create a solid, performance eyewear, minimal and discreet in design, yet charged with emotion that triggers the senses.

Three years of product research led to an exclusive industrial process tying together artisanship and high technology, enabling the creation of an object able to transmit the subtle vibration of traditions that live in the mastery represented by the recovered goggles.


Mono-Concept, Multi-Form

Hapter Concept

HAPTER is research of design that fits opposites together, blending them to create a coexistence of different industrial cultures and materials.

A union between the rigour of nordic engineering and mediterranean expressiveness; between the essential structural concept of a product and artisan know-how and flair.

This is expressed through a skeleton of industrial-grade surgical steel guarantees all technical-functional requisites of the glasses, etched to varying thicknesses to obtain a flexible structure ready for the outer skin of soft and irregular artisanal and unique materials, giving way to an abundance of tactile sensations.



The vision of this new product brought about the development of an exclusive industrial-artisan process: short, linear and sustainable, focusing on a respect for materials, maximizing their esthetic and tactile properties and their mechanical and functional attributes, while minimizing the waste of production and its environmental impact.

collection txtl001

The txtl001 collection draws on tradition in its investigation into the world of fibres and textiles, weaving the research together in a union of technology and materials.

This is possible thanks to a collaboration with Lanicio F.lli Cerruti dal 1881, recognized creator and manufacturer of made in Italy high-end textiles, famous for production of natural yarn and the non-conventional manufacturing of the fibres.

The Roll Case

The original roll-case, inspired by the rolled accessory holders soldiers used to carry their few personal effects, will protect HAPTER when not being worn.




HAPTER gets ready to celebrate its 2nd birthday with another outstanding recognition: the american GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2014, the world’s oldest and most important industrial design program organized annually by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design .

Interestingly, one of the main factors for the awards selection is based on whether or not a product can enrich society and people’s lives through its design. So, yes, the jury thinks that HAPTER can!

This design award will elbow with the other awards in the enlarging HAPTER’s trophy cabinet, already comprising other world-class recognitions:
– iF Product Design Award 2013
– ADI Design Index
– German Design Award 2014
– V.Award 2014 – Gold

If this sets the trend for the year ahead, we can expect a year full of action!


Silmo d’Or nomination for model M02M – category “Optic Frame”!

Take HAPTER’s trademark tactile expressiveness obtained by a special fusion of surgical steel to highend textiles, mix it with a distinctive retro mountain look given by the wide and dominant bridge, and prepare it with high craftsmanship skills guaranteeing perfectly matching contrasting fabrics on the frame front.

Here is HAPTER’s receipt to please the wyes and hands of SILMO d’Or judges, thant nominated mod. M02M as one of the finalists in category Optics Frame.

HAPTER winner of German Design Award 2014

The winner model is A01 again, the first presented in txtl001 collection and its recognized archetype.
We love the statement of the jury:

“A fusion of different worlds and materials to create a new, exclusive industrial process: concise, linear and sustainable. A superb, innovative fashion look”.

Enjoy all great participant projects at the GDA 2014 gallery

Another great milestone in the young history of HAPTER!


“Haptic perception” is the process of recognizing objects through touch and HAPTER is our contribution to the revival and recapturing of this sense in order to be able to return to seeing the world around us with our eyes shut; without the visual cultural conditioning that is all around us. As contemporary artisans, we consider handiwork

and technology in equal measure, combining them with alchemy and formulae, delivering a product of both sensorial craftship and industrial appeal. HAPTER is entirely produced in Italy in the spirit of traditional manufacturing, but with present-day creative and industrial resources of our country.

Just close your eyes and see

Eric Balzan, Mirko Forti
HAPTER founders
Belluno – Dolomite Region