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Mountain Spirit


HAPTER is an incessant exploration within unknown territories, a process inaugurated in 2009 by the retrieval, up on the Italian Dolomite Mountains, of an old pair of glacier military goggles from the 1st World War.
The archetype, once a protection tool from the harsh weather of the mountains, has been raised by Eric Balzan, the goggles finder and HAPTER founder, to a symbol of independency and change and a motivation to develop HAPTER as an endogenous system of continuous improvement,
With the same passion that guide mountaineers when they seek out and explore new territories, since 2013 HAPTER team engages in a rigorous and endless research mission of materials and production techniques. The aim being to recreate, in a contemporary collection, the perfect balance between function, aesthetic and materials of the military googles retrieved.

“Inspired by memories of the past, brought to the future thanks to a special mix of productive alchemies”.

When mountaineers walk difficult terrains and encounter the unexpected, even in marginal territories tracked over by very few people, challenge and loneliness meet amidst the summits and ice. This sensation defines those who detach from popular behavioral schemes, from conventions and from the certainty of paths already beaten down in ahead.

“Mountains are a continuous source of inspiration and strength for HAPTER: most ideas come under the extreme exertion experienced during mountain activities, when you feel the effect of hyper-oxygenation and the brain functions in a sort of vacuum pack; it performs ecstatically, churning out ideas that connect at the synapsis perfectly”.

“We’ve developed a concept of contemporary eyewear that interprets the mindset we approach our mountains with, replicating the sensorial connection between the visual and the material”

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