The true sense of the mountains, rugged and harsh, isolated and difficult


It often happens to mountaineers that they walk difficult terrains where they encounter the unexpected, even in marginal territories, tracked over by very few people.

Challenge and lonliness meet amidst the summits and ice. and this sensation accompanies you when you detach from popular opinion, from the conventions and the certainty of paths already beaten down in ahead of you.

Its the Mountain that back in 2009 sparked the founder-makers Eric and Mirko on this project, when they found an old pair of glacier military google on a dream-like summit.

And the Mountains are still a continuous source of inspiration: most ideas come under the extreme exertion we experience during our mountain activities, when you feel the effect of hyperoxygenation and the brain functions in a sort of vacuum pack; it performs ecstatically, churning out ideas that connect at the synapsis perfectly.

Ideas that would be eventually brought into reality in Hapterìa, our workshop of Belluno, a secluded Italian village nestled with the Italian Dolomite Mountains.

The cultural and visual inspirations of our Mountain territory play a major role in influencing the project:

Hands are still the most important body-part to survive in the mountains (weather you are collecting wood to survive the winter or climbing a mountain), and observing the strong hands of mountain people is an experience by itself. We could not help but put them at the center of our project.
The Dolomite region, the farthest north of Italy, is an historic military battle front, but this for us must also represent a land of integration between varied and symbiotic cultures. In HAPTER we combine the rigorous structural concept derived from Nordic engineering back-ground and the artisanal know-how and flair of Mediterranean expressiveness.
HAPTER offers the exclusivity of a multi-prized design object, nevertheless it carries the tradition of a luxury product, thanks to a contemporary reinterpretation of artisanal locally-made materials with history.
Mountain people are no-frills and straight to the point; “repulsion for excess” guides all our design, creative, stylistic choices: the fabrics used in collection txtl001, though artisanal and very precious, developed by the Italian expert in artisanal fabrics, have a light weave and a sober, natural colours shades, undertones to some extent.
We transfer a very specific mood, that is typical of the mountain environment: wind, cold, solitude, sufferance, effort, survival are our topics, that we also transfer onto the collection.
HAPTER has developed a particular look upon the mountains and it’s the gaze of mountaineering: a man in front of the mountain, his hands and little else to face it, the strength that is deriven from motivation.