Hands and the center of the project

For us, it’s essential to be anchored to the stability of manuality: good handicraft is achieved not only because one knows how to use their hands, or because the hands are used to manufacture: but because using them, one learns to develop a continuous and positive mind/body relationship.

This is reached through extensive research of materials, digging into the best practise available in Italy, and creating exclusive manufacturing techniques and design solutions able to maximize their aesthetic and tactile properties, and their mechanical and functional attributes.

So HAPTER glasses are not only design, not only manufacturing and technology, not only materials: it is all of them, harmoniously and interactively mixed.


“Haptic perception” is the process of recognizing objects through touch; so instead of just seeing a HAPTER frame with the visual conditioning we see every other product around us, we enjoy a distinctive sensorial and intimate experience with it.”