Master Makers at work, mixing technology and handmade techniques

HAPTER is research of design that fits opposites together, blending them to create a coexistence of different design attitudes and industrial cultures and skills.

Achieving perfection on this unprecedented product concept has been HAPTER’s vision and mission since day 1, and our journey to realizing this goal became the creation of a revolutionary production process.

It was all a dreamy vision of a new concept of eyewear, and a reckless will to do it.
It has been an underground journey developing a revolutionary production process to create it
It is now an exclusive product concept, a special blend of advanced design, fibers and materials

Materials and methods are twisted together in a new dimension of an exclusive industrial-artisanal process: efficient, linear and sustainable, focusing on the respect for materials, maximizing their esthetic and tactile properties and their mechanical and functional attributes.

It is a simple and smart idea, of difficult execution, thanks to an unprecedented patented production process:


Step 1

application of the artisanal layers to the industrial-grade surgical steel, by way of an innovative process of cohesion


Step 2

cutting of the combined sheet, in one solution through the use of an innovative production technique


Step 3

exausting finishing process, with radical methods, carefully respecting the specific material


Step 4

shaping process, where a 2D design contour is transformed into a 3D exclusive product

It is a radical production process masterfully carried out by expert hands backed up by the most advanced technology, this way achieving the goal of making accessible a product of artisanship of unparalleled quality, completely manufactured in Italy, by way of the ultimate creative and industrial resources available.

The final result is solid, performance eyewear, minimal and discreet in design, yet charged with emotion that triggers the senses thanks to its tactile uniqueness.

The Master Maker

While most brands apply minor stylistic changes to traditional accessible glasses, and only a handful of good brands push their manufacturing limits and techniques to offer something exceptionally exclusive and unique, HAPTER has been relentless and reckless in its commitment to create something radically new.

It’s an additive approach to manufacturing: combining unprecedented contemporary technology and handmade traditional sensitivity, we bring traditional manufacturing to the next level, thanks to the re-training of the «industrial artisans»: evolved artisans that can use their know-how and skills to create the next level of handmade, where technology plays its role.

We call them the MASTER MAKERS


And our workshop, Hapterìa, is in essence a laboratory of contemporary art – handiwork and technology overlap and are combined with alchemy, formulae and a meticulously planned process – the end product is a compound of both sensorial craftship and industrial appeal.