And the way expert hands work them


HAPTER is an eyewear revolution, based on the concept of union. Expressive materials and industrial technologies contribute in equal measure to manufacturing methods that generate a uniquely strong yet malleable product.

This eyewear embodies an expressiveness that only a process rooted in both the passion of a Master Maker and the precision of the most advanced technology could conceive.

Italy is a depository of a huge tradition and expertise connected with expressive materials.

Through exaustive research into alternative productive methods, HAPTER aspires to be a conceptual bridge between the industry of eyewear and the productive worlds of soft, prestigious, innovative, artisanal and expressive materials, and the artisans who are the heirs of a centuries-long tradition of working with them, lowering the technical and cultural barriers that have kept them far up till now.


txtl001 Precious Fabrics

The Collection TXTL001 cotton fabrics are custom-made by Lanificio F.lli Cerruti (Cerruti Woolen Mills), renowned cradle of superior quality Italian fabric production.

History has settled into the fabrics of Il Lanificio, founded in 1881, in Biella (North West Italy). A series of sediments and vibrations have been woven into them, rendering them a depository of tradition, artisanship and art.

Il Lanificio’s archives are housed in a vast library of shelves whose folders neatly contain and protect history. The series of military archives are some of the richest resources, holding the fabrics used to develop the Italian military uniforms of both the 1920s and 1940s.


«We like to think of HAPTER as a cultural bridge between the functionality of industrial materials and the delicate beauty and emotions of exclusive artisanal materials!»

«These fabrics are inspired by Cerruti’s military archives of the old army uniforms from the nineteen twenties and forties. Wooven on mechanical looms, they are still and resistant, and a final special stone-washed treatment confirms a dynamic look and a sort of three-dimentional surface effect»

«The newly created material is a sort of emotional stainless steel with a gentle feel»